ZIWI Peak Wet food for cats

Not all proteins are equal.

The quality and composition of a protein depends on it’s origination. Plant-based proteins do not contain the full complement of the critical amino acids required by obligated carnivores. The ZIWI Peak wet food diet is the brick and mortar of feline health.

As obligate carnivores, cats require diets rich in animal-based protein and low in carbohydrates. ZIWI Peak Cat Canned recipes are 93% meat, organs and bone, including 3% green mussel for natural glucosamine and chondroitin, and 7% species-specific tripe, for added palatability and digestive benefits.* Dry Matter Basis. All ZIWI Peak recipes are complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages.

Why feed your cat ZIWI Peak wet food?

Cats need plenty of water with their food: Cats inherently have a low thirst drive and need to consume water with their food. With a high moister content and over 92% meat, you can ensure your feline friend gets the very best cat food possible.

Highest quality meat content on the market: Cats need to get their protein from meat – not from the high level of grains/peas/potatoes found in dry food. We don’t compromise on our ingredients, no grains, sugars, glycerines, hormones or growth promotants are added. Only the finest grass-fed meat, free-range poultry or wild-caught fish are used, even the fussiest cat will love it.